Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dispelling a myth

Wow...busy summer! I haven't posted here in awhile. Between the busy wedding season and spending way too much time trying to move my blog to wordpress- which was a nightmare - I've been tied up but.....now I'm back.

Today I'd like to discuss a concern that I've had for awhile and really noticed quite a bit at the Central Virginia Bridal Guides 13th annual show which was held Saturday November 13th at the Kirkley in Lynchburg. It was our great pleasure to attend as always but the abundant misinformation that is hurled at brides was quite apparent and I'd like to dispel a myth that seems to be really taking roots.

The question that I get from brides is - "Do you charge by the slice or by the cake". And when I say that I charge by the slice they behave as if I'm trying to rip them off. Somewhere someone has started the marketing scheme that charging by the cake is more fair and less expensive. To which I say that if anyone is charging more for a larger cake than a smaller one .....then they are charging by the slice too! If they charge $300 for a three tiered cake that serves 100 - and I charge $3.00 per slice - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? The cake costs the same either way! They are both $3.00 per serving but I'm just upfront about the per serving price and they are not.

I know one baker whom I adore and trust who sells her cake by a range of servings. She charges xxx.xx for a cake that she says will serve between xx and xx. That's fair to say. It's fair to warn customers that although I say my cake serves 100 (based on an industry standard size) if you cut it in larger or smaller slices you will get more or less servings - It's a good point that I always point out to my customers as well. BUT if someone charges like that and they charge $300 for a cake that serves between 90 and 110 servings, and I charge $3.00 per serving for 100 servings WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? The cake costs the same either way!

If I was selling eggs and charged 10 cents per egg or a dozen for $1.20 would you be getting a better deal to buy the dozen? No. There is nothing wrong with doing it either way, but it does get confusing for brides who are trying to compare.

You should always break down every cake to the per serving price so you are comparing apples to apples and are not actually paying more because you buy into the "per cake price is better" myth.

So why does anyone buy into the myth that charging by the cake is better? Is it just because someone tells you that with an air of confidence? Listen to what they are saying and not just how they are saying it. Just don't believe everything you hear or read. You're smart - think about it.

All in all - it was a fabulous show and I hope all of you who attended got lots of information to help you with your wedding planning. Congratulations to Wendy Hurt who won our free key lime cake and 16 oz. Coffey Cakes mug.

Have a great day folks! :)
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