Monday, June 13, 2011

Please contact me directly rather than through another site

There are a ton of sites online where you can go to search for vendors for your wedding, but you have to be very careful when using these sites. Remember their goal is normally to make money, so many of them are charging the vendor in some way. Some sites require the vendor to pay to even be listed on their site in which case you may not necessarily be seeing the most popular vendors, just the ones who pay them. Some sites offer free listings to vendors but then they charge the vendor for the cutomer's contact info if someone expresses an interest in using them. You may just want to ask a vendor a simple question, but the vendor can't respond without paying for your email address/phone number.

I don't ever pay for leads or for customer's contact info. Serious inquiries contact me directly. In my experience, those contacting me through another site are either not serious about a cake, or they are an aspiring cake decorator who wants to see how another decorator charges or how they answer questions. Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily mind answering those types of questions, but I don't like when people are sneaky about it, and I'm not going to pay to do it. Many 3rd party inquiries are from people having weddings 5 hours away who will understandably choose someone closer to avoid extra delivery charges. I'd say the chances of a 3rd party lead being a real bride, having a local wedding, and sincerely looking for a baker is maybe 5 percent. I'd have better chances of breaking even with scratch tickets.

So please - if you have any questions about my services you can call me at 434-941-7182. I prefer a phone call over email because it's much quicker for me! I would prefer to handle a few questions in a 10 minute phone call rather than 10 different emails which may take me a couple of hours. If I don't answer the phone during the day I might be in a meeting or talking to another bride. Please call back.

Thanks! Have a great day!
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