Monday, October 24, 2011

Cake Cruise 2011

What a wonderful time we had on the Cake Cruise 2011! It was a spotlight cruise (which means that the focus is on one presenter rather than several) with the spotlight this year being on Norm Davis and Zane Beg of The Sweet Life in Annandale, Va. They are wonderful presenters - so talented and eager to share what they know.

They did a couple of demonstrations - one on sculpted fondant figures and the other on handpainting on cakes. It's always so fun and interesting to see how other people do things - I always learn something!

I took a couple of their classes - one on bling - cuz I love bling, and the other on sculpting with rice cereal treats. Fun, fun, fun. Both of my projects made it home in tact so I can display them in the shop.

We had a cold front moving through on the day we left and it was quite chilly. We delivered 4 wedding cakes on Saturday October 1st then caught a 5:30 pm flight to NYC. Of course it was cold there as well and I worried about the weather in Bermuda, but it was awesome. We had some overcast times and a bit of drizzle but we got to see a lot of the island and had some beach swim time and shopping time so it was great! I'd love to go back there sometimes. The entire island is only 20 square miles, but you'd be surprised how huge that is! LOL! There is lots more to see so I'd love to go and ride around on mopeds for a couple of days.

When we got back to NYC on October 9th it had warmed up again so we had a wonderful couple of days seeing some of the sights and looking for scenes from movies - like the apartment building from Ghostbusters, the park from the sorcerer's apprentice, the dolphin hotel from 1408 (yeah, that's not really there).

Our trip was almost foiled by an emergency room visit late on the eve of our flight. Greg was in a tremendous amount of pain - obviously or he would have never gone to the emergency room. We found out he has gall stones, and after a dose of high-powered pain killers we were given the go-ahead to continue on with trip plans. He didn't have any other episodes during the trip. Whew!

We had a blast but it's good to be home. We missed the dogs and the cat, Survivor and the new South Park. LOL.

Next year the cake cruise heads to Aruba. We are so there! :)
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